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DCA 703 - Art Research Issues and Methods

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Provides DCA students with the opportunity for exploring salient theories, practices and research methodologies in visual culture. Students present the theoretical and practical parameters of their discipline through presentations of central readings in their fields and through particular research projects. Presentations provide all students with information regarding the 'state of the art' in relation to research fields, and the opportunity of peer advice regarding individual research. -- Course Website

Prerequisites: 13522 (v.2)<br/> DCA 701 - Art Professional Praxis I<br/> <br/> or any previous version<br/> <br/> <br/><br/> <br/> AND<br/><br/> <br/> 13523 (v.2)<br/> DCA 702 - Art Professional Praxis II<br/> <br/> or any previous version

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