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Quantitative Business Research Methods

  • BUSN4402
  • Semester 1 (see Timetable)
  • 6 points
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This unit is an overview of some of the advanced quantitative research methods that are used in business research. Topics include (1) the appropriate use of quantitative research methods; (2) some theoretical concepts and a discussion about empirical constructs and measures; (3) an examination of some advanced statistical methods for discovering associations between variables; (4) the use of a statistical software package, in this case, the SPSS program. The effective use of these quantitative research methods is best understood through attending the classes and workshops and a close reading of the research papers provided, which are drawn from several disciplines in management, marketing... -- Course Website

Prerequisites: admission into the honours program or completion of prior studies sufficient for admission to a PhD program (including preliminary program of study) in the relevant area

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