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Architectural Design 3a—Project Implementation

  • ARCT3303
  • Semester 1 (see Timetable)
  • 12 points
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In general, Level 3 design units are distinguished from Level 2 units by more demanding programs of greater complexity. However, in this unit the scale and scope of the project is deliberately modest to ensure that the student has sufficient time to fully investigate and develop a proposition and prepare a complete set of documented working drawings. It should be clearly understood that design is a continuous process that does not cease when production of working drawings commences and that the quality of design remains an important component of the assessment in this unit.<br/><br/>Students attend a series of lectures which describe the respective stages through which an architectural... -- Course Website

Prerequisites: ARCT2201 Architectural Design 2b and (ARCT2200 Architectural Design 2a or ARCT2203 Architectural Design 2a—Sustainability or ARCT2205 Architectural Design 2c—Sustainability). Refer to Faculty Rule for the progression rules relating to design st

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