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Architecture Studio 3

  • ARCT3000
  • not available in 2013 (see Timetable)
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This unit builds upon earlier architectural design units by exposing students to more demanding programs, which are of greater technical, programmatic and conceptual complexity. In addition, a higher level of architectural design resolution is required for the final folio submitted in the architecture major. Students demonstrate their capacity to synthesise the various fields of study towards the development of a comprehensive and convincing architectural design proposition. Studio programs vary, but require design at a detailed level of projects of intermediate complexity (a school, museum or library, for example). Emphasis is placed on the integration of theoretical concepts and... -- Course Website

Prerequisites: IDES2000 Integrated Design Studio 1—Small, IDES2040 Future Making, ARCT2030 Materials and Small Construction, ARCT2000 Architecture Studio 2, ARCT2010 History: Modern Art and Architecture

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