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Architecture Studio 2

  • ARCT2000
  • Semester 2 (see Timetable)
  • 6 points
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This unit builds on the Level 1 studio units in offering a program based upon fostering the development of an independent architectural design practice. Semi-autonomous studios offer a series of projects that develop and test theoretical concepts of moderate complexity, and promote a developing competence in the development of architectural strategies, vocabulary and composition, based upon knowledge of both precedents and current practice. Studio programs support the development of skills in simple structures, volumetric composition and spatial planning. While specific projects vary between studios, they result in the design of a building or buildings of moderate complexity. The emphasis... -- Course Website

Prerequisites: ARCT1001 Architecture Studio 1, ARCT1000 Studio Fundamentals, ARCT1010 Drawing History, VISA1001 Art, Technology and Society, ARCT1030 Structures and Natural Systems and IDES1040 Techniques of Visualisation

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