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Animal Behaviour

  • ZOOL30006
  • Contact Hours: 30 lectures during the semester; and 1 x one hour multimedia presentation per week
    Total Time Commitment: Estimated total time commitment of 120 hours
  • 12.50
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This subject explores how natural and sexual selection have shaped the intriguing and often bizarre behaviours of animals. Topics include resource competition, predator avoidance, communication, mate choice, parental care, cooperation, sexual conflict, and the role of genes, hormones and learning in shaping behavioural diversity. Lectures draw on examples from across the animal kingdom to illustrate the complex mechanisms underlying adaptations, and are complemented with natural history videos that highlight key concepts. We evaluate the scientific rigour of studies used to test theory, and highlight the often ingenious methods adopted by researchers to understand animal behaviour. -- Course Website

Prerequisites: One of Subject Study Period Commencement: Credit Points: ECOL20003 Ecology Semester 2 12.50 ZOOL20005 Animal Structure and Function Semester 1 12.50 ZOOL20006 Comparative Animal Physiology Semester 2 12.50 654-201 Invertebrate Structure and Func

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