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Animal Disease Biotechnology 1

  • VETS30011
  • Contact Hours: 60
    Total Time Commitment: 100 hours
  • 12.50
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This subject introduces students to the scientific basis of disease recognition in populations of animals. It explores causes of disease in populations of production, companion and laboratory animals, the mechanisms of disease processes and their transmission, principles of biosecurity, and the scientific basis of technologies and procedures available for monitoring disease status. Students will acquire skills in a variety of techniques used to monitor the health of populations of animals, and will develop abilities in critical analysis of animal health reports. -- Course Website

Prerequisites: ONE OF the following two subjects: Subject Study Period Commencement: Credit Points: BCMB20002 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Semester 1, Semester 2 12.50 BIOM20001 Molecular and Cellular Biomedicine Semester 1 25

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