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Animals in Intensive Production Systems

  • VETS10025
  • Contact Hours: 3 hours of lectures per week, 3 hours of workshops/case studies/practicals per week. A two day field trip (approximately 16 hours). Total 88 contact hours
    Total Time Commitment: Approximately 120 hours
  • 12.50
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This subject will build on the knowledge and skills developed in VETS10024 Animals in Extensive Production Systems. The aim of this subject is to give students a fundamental understanding of the different intensive animal production industries in Australia. This subject will focus primarily on the use of feedlots in housing cattle and sheep for meat production, and pig and poultry production. This will enable students to further develop their understanding of the chain of production, with particular reference to intensive production systems. As with VETS10024 Animals in Extensive Production Systems, the focus will be on the production of ‘food and fibre’, which in the context of intensive... -- Course Website

Prerequisites: Subject Study Period Commencement: Credit Points: VETS10024 Animals in Extensive Production Systems Semester 1 12.50

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