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Advanced Food Analysis

  • FOOD30008
  • Contact Hours: 36 hours of practicals and demonstration and 24 hours of lectures
    Total Time Commitment: 120 hours
  • 12.50
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Advanced food analysis will teach students most rapid and standard conventional methods commonly used in food analysis. These analytical techniques will include: the selection of appropriate scientific methods for a specific food analysis, physical and chemical parameters; principles of instrumentation and/or methodology and applications of these principles to the technologies employed in analytical techniques; comparison of instrumental and/or rapid methods to conventional techniques of analysis; operation, calibration and standardisation procedures as applicable to particular techniques; troubleshooting techniques in conventional and rapid analyses; assessment and evaluation of... -- Course Website

Prerequisites: One of: Subject Study Period Commencement: Credit Points: FOOD20003 Food Chemistry, Biology and Nutrition Semester 1 12.50 CHEM10003 Chemistry 1 Semester 1, Semester 2 12.50

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