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Advanced Animal Management Systems

  • DASC40001
  • Contact Hours: One tutorial per week. Self-paced learning with supervision
    Total Time Commitment: Not available
  • 12.50
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The aim of the subject is to develop student skills in critically analysing scientific information on particular animal science issues, and in applying that information to practical problems or issues related to the care and management of domestic livestock, companion animals, or zoo animals/wildlife. The subject will be built around two major 'generic' animal science topics. For each topic area, a number of focused questions will be posed which arise from the learning material. Students will then select one of these questions for their assignment work, which culminates in submission of a written report for assessment. As far as possible, questions will be posed that relate to domestic... -- Course Website

Prerequisites: 208207 Animal Management and Production and 208303 Animal production Systems or equivalent

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