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Animal Systems Analysis

  • DASC30013
  • Contact Hours: Forty-eight hours of lectures/tutorials, and up to 30 hours practical/field work
    Total Time Commitment: 120 hours
  • 12.50
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Effective management of animals requires an appreciation of the context in which management of animals is carried out.This context may be predominantly social, environmental or commercial, but in every case, scientific knowledge must be informed by understanding of individual and societal goals to solve practical problems in the care of animals.This is the domain of systems analysis and thinking.Students will carry out up to 6 case study analyses during the semester, each of which is based on a real world problem or opportunity, and aligns the scientific with the social. Case study analysis will require students to clearly identify the problem to be solved and analyze options for solving... -- Course Website

Prerequisites: A physiology subject at 200 level such as: Subject Study Period Commencement: Credit Points: DASC20010 Applied Animal Physiology Semester 2 12.50

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