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Applied Animal Reproduction & Genetics

  • DASC30006
  • Contact Hours: Twenty-four lectures; six hours tutorials; 18 hours practical work to be undertaken at Parkville and Werribee
    Total Time Commitment: Not available
  • 12.50
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The aim of this subject is to give students of animal science a fundamental understanding of both applied reproductive biology and genetics. This will enable students to develop the skills necessary for management of reproductive performance and genetic improvement programs of domestic animals. The content includes comparative structure and function of reproductive organs; endocrinology and neuro-endocrinology of reproductive cycles; environmental and genetic influences on reproduction, interventions to manipulate reproduction; reproductive biotechnologies including genomics and cloning; breeding values & selection indices; inbreeding & crossbreeding; and optimising breeding program design. -- Course Website

Prerequisites: Students need to have completed: Subject Study Period Commencement: Credit Points: BIOL10004 Biology of Cells and Organisms Semester 1 12.50 And either one of the below: Subject Study Period Commencement: Credit Points: DASC20010 Applied Animal

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