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Applied Animal Behaviour

  • DASC30005
  • Contact Hours: Twenty-four hours lectures, up to 12 hours tutorials and 12 hours practicals to be undertaken at Parkville and off-site
    Total Time Commitment: (including non-contact time): 120 hours.
  • 12.50
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This subject allows students to examine the behaviour of farm, companion and laboratory animals and highlights the processes and factors involved in cause and effect manipulating behavioural functionality. The subject will train students to describe, record and measure behaviour, examine the development of behaviour in a range of species; examine the effects of stimuli and communications; motivation, decision making, learning and memory; genetic and hormonal basis of behaviour; organisation, social, sexual, maternal, and dam-neonate interactions. Topics covered include: describing, recording and measuring behaviour; development of behaviour; stimuli and communication; motivation and... -- Course Website

Prerequisites: One physiology subject at Level 2 such as: Subject Study Period Commencement: Credit Points: DASC20010 Applied Animal Physiology Semester 2 12.50 ZOOL20006 Comparative Animal Physiology Semester 2 12.50

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