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Animals in Society 1: Introduction

  • DASC10002
  • Contact Hours: Held over the period of the semester on various days - to be confirmed by subject coordinator
    Total Time Commitment: Thirty-six hours of lectures and 24 hours of tutorials and practical work
  • 12.50
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This course is designed to encourage students to begin to think about how and why animals are so integral to human society. We will investigate the human-animal relationships, where they originated, during domestication, and where they are now. We will examine in detail some key relationships between humans and animals, including animals as pets, in agriculture, as research subjects, in educational roles and as pests. We will discuss the changing attitudes of humans towards animals throughout time and talk about humankind's moral and ethical obligation to animal wellbeing. Within this discussion we will introduce animal welfare science and discuss some of the current animal welfare issues... -- Course Website

Prerequisites: None

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