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Australia in the Wine World

  • AGRI10041
  • Contact Hours: One week intensive block - including the Tuesday and Wednesday evening
    Total Time Commitment: One-week intensive block. Students are required to undertake studying readings prior to attending the block and complete 2 online quizzes, a
  • 12.50
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The objective of this subject is to introduce students to the Australian wine industry and its role in world wine production. The content includes: evolution of the grapevine; history of viticulture and winemaking; main grape varieties of the world and their distribution; chemistry of winemaking; wine tasting; appellation and the culture of wine; world wine regions including France and Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy, North America, South America, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia; Australian wine regions and production; the global wine trade and Australia's export markets; and wine, food, health and culture. -- Course Website

Prerequisites: None

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