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Advanced Databases CITS4243 (UWA)

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Review of database technologies essential for understanding data warehousing, online analytical processing (OLAP) and data mining. Theis will be followed by a detailed study of logical and physical design of data warehouses including star schema, snowflake schema, data marts, partitioning and materialised views. Practical issues related to data warehouse construction like data extraction from operational databases, data transformation and cleansing and data warehouse support in modern DBMS will be covered next. The use of data warehouses will be illustrated through a study of the OLAP technology, including OLAP like MOLAP and ROLAP, OLAP operations and SQL support for OLAP. The unit will... -- Course Website

Prerequisites: 311505 (v.1)<br/> Databases CITS2232 (UWA)<br/> <br/> or any previous version

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